About us

About us

Our Story

The seeds for Great Bargain were sown many years ago when Jacob Henderson opened a bicycle repair shop on a Ajax City corner. When local parents turned to him for help in repairing their strollers, he expanded his services to accommodate his customers' needs, and soon began stocking a selection of baby strollers.

After some setbacks, Great Bargains reopened his shop and began importing baby carriages, bikes from Europe.  Soon enough his best friend joined the business and expanded with the importation of more electronic product babies happy.

As the business grew to include Electronics, Machines etc, the Great Bargain family grew, too. Jacob children, Bobby and Ilan, entered the business in 2016 and launched Greatbarrgain.com, propelling the family business to new heights as one of the top online destinations for baby gear, bicycles and electronics

We pride ourselves on providing our customers not only with the products they need, but with the service they deserve – the kind of service you would expect from family – offered with honesty, support, respect and guidance.

We promise to help you choose the right products for your needs. We promise a continually growing selection of affordable to high-end items from all of your favorite brands. And finally, we promise fair prices – no overselling, ever.